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The Archeology of Etruscan Land...   


Training on actual archeological sites within the Arezzo area and throughout Tuscany will be an important stage in the acquisition of historical and artistic knowledge  of this land, once known as Etruria.

What is known is that the Etruscans lived across a large swathe of central Italy encompassing modern-day Tuscany, western Umbria and northern Lazio.

Rich archeological and anthropological findings such as tombs are the most common tangible remains of the Etruscan's once great civilization, from whom modern Tuscans descend. Despite their amazing achievements and lasting influence, the Etruscans remain one of Italy's great mysteries.

The course includes Art History and conferences held by the Tuscan Archeological Superintendent, pratical on site excavations and guided tours to the most famous museums and archeological spots in the area.

Traces of the Etruscans ( city walls, gateways, roads carved through rock and tombs ) are dotted all over Etruria.

For Etruscan art and artefacts, the best museums are in Rome, Tarquinia, Florence, Perugia, Chiusi, Volterra, Cerveteri and Bologna. For decorated necropolises, we can visit Cerveteri and especially Tarquinia where wonderful original frescos bring the Etruscans vividly to life.



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